Lipovina Saturnia 2016

  • Name of the wine: Lipovina Saturnia.
  • Year: 2016.
  • Colour: White.
  • Category: Natural sweet wine.
  • Region: Tokaj (Slovak Republic).
  • Name of the winery: Ostrožovič Spol S.R.O.
  • Grape: 100% Lipovina.
  • Alcohol: 9,49º.
  • Menu: Caramel chips with lime cream and raspberries; Duck liver (foie gras) on butter-nut brioche with fig marmalade and a gentle smell of brandy.
  • Price: Between 27-29 €.
  • Where we can buy it: In the cellar and in specialized stores.
  • Tasting: This white from Slovakia is made with a grape called Lipovina and has just won the Golden Bacchus Grand Prize 2018. The hand-picked grape bunches are full of Tokaj’s cibebas that have enriched this wine with its unforgettable feature. The fullness of ripe fruit and stewed pear is developed in its taste. For the pairing we selected this candied orange covered with dark chocolate.
  • When to take it: It’s perfect for a special occasion.


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